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*Note: From 1 April 2023, Pricing will be change from 7 to 50

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*Note: From 1 April 2023, Pricing will be change from 7 to 50
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What is an attempt ?

Whenever someone attempts a test created by you, its counted as one attempt.


a user attempts my tests more than once will it be counted as 1 or more?

Everytime a user attempt it will count as one attempt. So if a user attempts your test more than one time it will be counted accordingly.


What is a private test?

Any test which is not available to public 24by7 is a private test. You need to have a PLUS account to create a private test.


Why there is a limit on attempt of public tests?

There is a limit of 50 attempts per day for each test. We have put this limit as a fair usage policy and to maintain the bandwidth and availability to all.


Refund Policy?

We do not provide refund however the credits on testyou never expire. So you can use them later whenever you want them.


How can limit users from reattempting my test?

You can do so by setting the number of reattempts to 0 in the settings


What are credits?

Credits are your testyou currency which you can use to perform different operations on testyou.


Will my credits expire even if the users dont attempt the test?

No, credits will be decucted from your account only when user attempt more than the limit. So if only 3 users attempts your credit will be deducted by only 15.


How can I increase the limit if I want to conduct test for more than 50 users?

You can do so by allowing the credits to be used from your account. Each attempt more than the daily limit will cost you 7 credits. So if you increase the limit to 60 you will have to spend 50 credits for the day.

Pricing will be updated from 7 to 50 from April 1st